Comprehensive solutions for your medical center.

Our Radiology Management solutions are targeted at the entire spectrum of Radiology care providers whether they are small practices or large centers. Our solutions are designed to be upgradeable to grow as the clinic or the center grows over time.

Paxtreme is a Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS), is a scalable, reliable, and easy to use PACS solution designed to fit seamlessly in a film-less environment.

3D & MPR

Paxtreme VU

Administrative Tools

Patient Managment


Hierarchical Storage

When it comes to calculating daily or monthly revenues and insurance company deductions, you have the best choice One RIS



Procedure report


Inventory Management


Print Manager:

Film layout manager.

Image processing tools.

Replace hard-copy based medical images, with huge digital storage.

Enhance the reporting quality.

Customize your interface and layout.

Image processing tools

Film layout Manager

Customize layout & Enhace report


OneRad is a radiology and cardiology data management workstation, supporting a number of modalities including Cath-lab, CT, X-ray, Ultrasound, and Angiography.



Procedure report


Support Android and IOS. Allow patients to register online.

Patients book their examination date and time in the preferred branch.

Notifications through app or sms in many cases (accept/reject appointments), report is ready..etc.

OneRIS Mobile Application

Interoperability is the sharing of information between medical devices and different information systems. It is necessary for improving accuracy, quality, reducing efforts and lowering cost.

Our solutions are well prepared for medical integrations. They are systematically supporting all relevant common standards such as DICOM or HL7.

Deep integration into the HIS or any systems enables communication between the systems, which simplifies the processes in the facility and minimizes the user efforts and eliminates human mistakes.


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