Riding the wave of cloud innovation

Cloud Solutions

Secure electronic patients’ files by triple save function, which replaces paper files with electronic ones, makes patient files safer.

You may access them at any time and from any location with any technological device.

Patient Filing:

Personal information.


Patient balance / family balance.


Document management can any PDF, word...ect.

Efficient Scheduling

Modern and easy to use scheduler that allow user to manage patient appointments to save your time and avoid any conflicts.

As soon as possible visits.

Electronic Medical Record

Each patient has a file comprising his information as well as his medical and treatment history.

A database that includes all procedures and can be modified at any moment allows the case to be identified and a treatment plan to be prepared quickly.

Image Management

With the ability to manage treatment plans and digital images from one place your life will be hassle free.

Prescription Management

Create your own prescription's design, write and directly print Patient ledger.

Patient Ledger

Detailed ledger for your procedures..

Elhakeem comes with an advanced suite of built-in reports and graphs, providing you with invaluable information on every aspect of your practice.

Organized view of your:

Patients` balance reports.

Insurance claims Analytical for procedure.

Income Count reports.

Reports of doctors Commission.


Marketing & Patient Communication

Create your own prescription's design, write and directly print.

Patient ledger.


Monitor all of your clinic's expenses, track the doctors' financials, patients and insurance cash flow movement.


Our state-of-the-art telehealth solution enables patients to connect with providers from home.

Allowing your patients to schedule appointments.

Make electronic payments, and book fully online telehealth consultations.

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