Unlimited lifetime archiving solution for radiology images and tele reporting.


Unlimited modality connections.

Lossless image compression.

DICOM standard communication.

HL7 integration.

Desktop & web viewer.


Dicom print.

Administrative Tools

Work queue management.

System actions log view.

Patient management.

Remote system monitoring.

Hierarchical Storage

Multiple tiers of storage.

Automatic balanced tiers.

Multiple file systems.


Virtual server management.

Multiple study matching criteria.

User security management.


Automatic routing.

Automatic manual study reconciliation.

Study split support.

PaXtreme VU

PaXtreme VU software provides viewing and manipulation of radiological data including images, reports and study status.

PaXtreme VU software is an entirely web-based thin-client application using internet technology at the foundation of its design.

Patient Management

Customized profiles and multiple search filters.

Export studies CD/media.

Import external studies.

Synced study notes & indications.

Compare patient history.

Viewer Tools

Reference line.

Series synchronization.

Manage default layout (series/images).

Cinema-playback of multi-frame sequences.

Window/level modalities presets.

Magnification glass.

Rotation and flipping.

Image inversion.

Measurement & Annotation

Distance, area, angle, cobb angle measurement.

Density HU value.

Colored text, arrow, labeled arrow, circle annotation.

3D & MPR

3D real-time reconstruction.

3D cropping.

Extract 3D images to report.

3D built-in presets.


Access the application from anywhere.


Report stages (Typed - Approved - Finalized).

Assign reports to radiologists.

Microsoft word and built-in reporting module.

Copy cropped image into report.

Print Manager

Film layout manager.

Image processing tools.

Insert reference frame.

Replace hard-copy based medical images, with huge digital storage.

Enhance the report quality.

Customize your interface and layout.

Improve the diagnosis process for better patient outcome.

Access images from several sites concurrently.

Why PaXtreme ?

Reduce operational complexity using worklists for prioritizing and managing exams.

Integration platform with other management solutions (RIS, EMR and HIS).

PaXtreme is a scalable, reliable, and easy to use PACS solution designed to fit seamlessly in your workflow.

PaXtreme will help you achieve a filmless environment that can improve your productivity, profitability, and quality of patient service.

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